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Pet Care Assist
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  1. Family - WorldVillage is the web's leading site for family-friendly internet since 1995
  2. Dogs & Puppies - Next Day Pets - Provides a venue for a dog rescue and dog shelters to find quality homes for adult dogs and puppies with information for 150+ dog breeds. Shop our pet supply store for dog supplies, dog clothes, dog crates, dog toys, dog jewelry and more. Browse our dog & pet website directory, pet friendly hotels and dog names.
  3. Dog Owner & Lover Gifts
    Dog lover gifts for over 50 breeds. Dog owners will find jewelry, apparel, dinnerware, glasses, afghans, pillows, leash holders, holiday ornaments and many other unique gifts.
  4. Pet Supplies at Discounted Prices
    Discount pet supplies. Underground Dog Fence by PetSafe and Innotek, Bark Control solutions, Wireless Dog Fence, Pet Doors, Automatic Pet Feeders, Pet Beds, Pet Ramps, Automatic Litter boxes
  5. Doggie Land - Dogs Directory
    Doggie Land is one of the best non-fee based dogs directories on the internet and contains only the best and most accurate dogs information on the internet. We update our site regularly and do our best to make sure that all dog lovers feel at home.
  6. Puppy Training and Dog Training
    Sick of your dog or puppy going to the toilet all over your house? Without proper training a dog quickly thinks they are master of the home, train your dog to obey with the click of a finger using the best dog training guides ever and take back your
  7. dogforum
    International forum about dogs.
  8. Cat Behavior Exposed
    Free course on Cat Behavior & Cat Behavior Problems and how to solve them including Cat Training, Cat Care and Cat Health Tips.
  9. Stop Dog Barking
    With an extensive list of articles on dogs, you will learn the proper techniques in order to train your pup.
  10. Cat Treats and Dog Treats - Homemade Recipes and Tips to keep your pet healthy and happy
    Cat Treats and Dog Treats - Learn how to make homemade recipes as treats for your pet
  11. Dog Health Care
    Your pet dog needs the correct dog health care to live healthily
  12. Free Pet Food Recipes | Free Recipies For Dog Food
    Who else wants 10 Gourmet Dog Recipes, 7 Dog Health Tips, A Dog Training Video and 7 Ways to Spoil Your Dog for Absolutely Nothing!?! Never will you find so Many Resources for FREE, especially to Spoil Your Dog!
  13. The Dog Lovers FREE Information Super Site!
    The ultimate free information resource site for serious dog lovers. Articles about dog training, dog sports, canine health care, dog grooming, raising a puppy and more! Check it out...
  14. Dog Help Desk
    An information service offering free advice, tips, articles and information on dogs and dog related subjects.
  15. Crazy About Cats
    Cat health, training, nutrition, breeds and general cat craziness.
  16. Pet Ferret Care
    Learn how to care for your Pet Ferret successfully. Everything is revealed about pet ferret care in the guide, pet ferret care secrets.
  17. Mens Watches & Other Treasures
    Our men's watches are boldy masculine and create a sense of complexity and an expesive a discount price. Our stylish men's watches are water resistant and use quartz timing and are great for work or play. They also make great gift ideas.
  18. Tropical Fish
    Information on taking care and feeding tropical fish.
  19. Tropical Betta Fish Care | Caring and Breeding Tips For Betta Fish
    Tropical Betta Fish Care - Learn how to keep and breed betta fish from infections and diseases.
  20. Health Directory, Mental Health, Health Insurance
  21. Never Lost Pet
    Pet id tags - custom engraved for your beloved dog or cat
  22. Fitness Apparel
    We provide information and resources about fitness related topics such as fitness equipment, fitness centers and gyms, weight loss, health, fitness apparel, and excercise nutrition and diets.